PMCS 3D - Software for online moisture sensors

The PMCS 3D software is a database-based software for storing and analyzing measuring results obtained with traversing MF-P-HT online moisture sensors. It was developed especially for our PMCS paper moisture sensor (but can be used just as efficiently with other sensors as well) and enables you to utilize the full potential of the 4-dimensional measuring results.

Record - Analyze - Manage

The unique PMCS traversing sensor can determine the temperature and moisture of paper rolls across their whole breadth. This results in 4-dimensional measuring values:

  • Time
  • Position at paper roll
  • Temperature
  • Moisture

The PMCS 3D software takes those 4 dimensions and generates meaningful and readable plots (as seen in the screenshot). The 2D plot displays temperature and moisture across the current breadth-profile while the 3D plot adds the time dimension. These two plots nicely visualize the collected data and give you a comprehensive overview of your paper or cardboard web.

But our software is not limited to using the PMCS paper moisture sensor but works with a multitude of sensors with or without traversing. Each sensor has its own corresponding window within the software.

The collected data is automatically stored in a special database and can be analysed, processed, exported to various formats and printed.

Your benefits

  • Measuring results are stored in a database automatically
  • Perfect visualization of the data with 2D and 3D plots
  • Automatic calculation of mean, maximum and minimum measuring value
  • Modular software which scales and can be extended with new functionality easily
  • Support for five languages (German, English, Italian, French, Spanish)
  • Export to different formats (TXT, CSV, HTML, PDF, BMP, XML)
  • Export of the measuring results to Excel, enabling you to perform further processing
  • Good usability and easy handling

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PMCS 3D Software for online moisture sensors

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