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FSA grain moisture meter / INNOVATION and TECHNICAL PROGRESS
  • no time-consuming preparation of samples necessary
  • non-destructive measuring technique
  • whole grain moisture meter

humimeter for foods


FSA grain moisture meter

Fully automatic whole grain moisture analyser with integrated determination of hectolitre weight and infrared sample temperature measurement.

Calibrated for maize, rye, triticale, wheat, durum wheat, peeled and unpeeled buckwheat, peeled and unpeeled spelt, peeled and unpeeled millet, sorghum millet, barley, oats, rape, soybeans, horse beans, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, rice, field peas, scarlet runner beans and linseed. Further
products on request, also special products can be calibrated!

FSA grain moisture meter


  • Measuring range 0 to max. 50% water content, depending on the product
  • Resolution 0.01%
  • hectolitre measurement
  • infrared sample temperature measurement
  • automatic infrared temperature compensation
  • 7 inch color touch display
  • integrated online function
  • integrated printer in a robust housing
  • Scope of supply: FSA, Ethernet and USB data interface
  • module with Ethernet cable for PC, integrated printer

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