Overview paper moisture meter

  • MF-P-HTD paper moisture sensor

    Sensor for online moisture measurement of paper and cardboard. Includes infrared temperature sensor for measuring paper temperature and temperature compensation for moisture measurement.

  • humimeter RH6 Paper moisture meter

    Paper moisture meter with sword sensor for piles of paper. Also ideal for automatically monitoring the climate of printing rooms and paper stockrooms.

  • humimeter PM5

    Paper moisture meter for determination of absolute water content at the paper roll with high measuring depth

  • humimeter PMP

    Paper moisture meter for determination of absolute water content at the pile

  • humimeter RH1 Moisture meter

    For humidity in climate and environment applications. A new and revolutionary powerful portable measuring instrument series for measuring using innovative sensor technology.

  • humimeter PMZ

    Pulp moisture measuring instrument for the absolute determination of the water content of pulp sheets in a pack.

  • humimeter RP6

    Moisture meter for the determination of moisture in recycling paper and for the detection of moisture spots in recycling paper balls. Measurement of stack, roles and pulp possible.

  • KLK_50 Climate chamber

    with monitoring and measuring system for moisture Completely leak tight chamber which creates an atmosphere with a controllable relative humidity. This allows different materials to be adapted to the required conditions.