Service and calibration campaign 2018 for humimeter FS grain moisture meters

The hibernation is over!

The hibernation is over, be sure that your device is ready for the measurement

Service and calibration campaign 2018for humimeter FS grain moisture meters

As your best partner in the field of moisture measurement, we are pleased to announce our service and calibration campaign for humimeter FS grain moisture meters
(FS1.1, FS1, FS2, FS3, FS4 - other Schaller types on request)

total package:  

Checking and calibration
Software update + calibration curve update
Replacing of the keyboard and display screen (if necessary)
Cleaning of humimeter housing
AmountEuro 295.-
less 50% discount
Euro 147.50
total amount:Euro 147.50
plus shipping costs


PLEASE NOTE: Your device has to be sent to us until April 14, 2018. (In later submissions no discount price is possible!)
The return delivery will be effected on the May 14, 2018 (outgoing from Schaller GmbH). 

Any additionally required repair work will be announced by sending an estimate costs and will be charged separately.

This service and calibration campaign is particularly recommended for devices older than 3 years.

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