Change of our company name

from Schaller GmbH into „Schaller Messtechnik GmbH “.


Dear business partners;
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

herewith we would like to inform you that during January 2020 our company name will be changed from Schaller GmbH into

                                                            „Schaller Messtechnik GmbH “.

The reason for the change of our company name is the separation of Schaller Messtechnik from its employees homes under commercial law. 
Therefore, we have a new VAT and company register number:
VAT. No. (VAT ID)            ATU 75072957
Register No. (FN No.)       FN 525615 p

We kindly ask you to change the name and number in your relevant correspondence immediately. Please forward this information to all responsible offices at your company.

Address, bank details, all telephone numbers and e-mail addresses remain unchanged.
All existing contracts remain valid and do not have to be changed.

If you have questions or need any further information, we will be very glad to help you personally. 
Please do not hesitate to contact us in this case.

We wish you continued success and look forward to good cooperation!

Best regards from St. Ruprecht,

Schaller Messtechnik GmbH