humimeter GF2 Building moisture meter

If you want to locate moisture in buildings or avoid damages due to building moisture, you are right with us !


nominated for the innovation price at the Austrofoma 2015

Increase in efficiency by improving the energy conversion

and additional improvement of exhaust emissions

NEWS from the climatic chamber!


Ready for the grain season?

FSA grain moisture meter / INNOVATION and TECHNICAL PROGRESS

Water doesn't burn!

The essential characteristic of the quality and thus of the price of woodchips is the water content.

EUBCE 2015

23rd European Biomass Conference and Exhibition

humimeter for foods

Ready to start into the new season?

humimeter für Klima

Dank unserer neuen FeuchteTemperaturtransmitter Technologie mit ETHERNET SCHNITTSTELLE können sie ohne Verkabelungsaufwand im gesamten Firmengelände das Klima messen, und mit der Software überall einsehen.

Every year the end of the cold season marks the period of a very dry room climate. This leads to problems in paper converting and printing processes.

humimeter RH5 Paper moisture meter Paper Hygrometer for piles of paper. Also ideal for automatically monitoring the climate of printing rooms and paper stockrooms. Features: Relative air humidity 0 to 100%, resolution 0.1% RHCalibration  10...

Austro Agrar Tulln 2015

The Austrian trade fair for agricultural technology 25.11.2015 to 28.11.2015

service and calibration campaign for humimeter FS grain moisture meters

(FS1.1, FS1, FS2, FS3, FS4 - other Schaller types on request)

humimeter BMA Bioenergy moisture meter

calibrated, certificated and patent pending

humimeter Schaller GmbH provides measurement instrumentation

Currently the University of Technology in Graz is working on a project about analysing different systems of interior insulation. These systems are used when legal requirements don´t allow exterior insulation

Holzmesse Klagenfurt

Internationale Holzmesse Klagenfurt vom 4.9. bis 7.9.2014


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