humimeter BLH
moisture meter for shavings

humimeter BLH
sawdust moisture meter


The humimeter BLH sawdust moisture meter measures the water content of various kinds of sawdust, including beech, birch, oak, spruce, pine, poplar and more. A 400ml sample is used by the sawdust moisture meter to determine water content and temperature.

Further species can be calibrated on request.


  • Measuring range 15 to 60% water content, (dependent on the wood type, corresponds to 150% wood moisture)
  • Resolution 0.5%
  • Specially developed compressing unit
  • Temperature can be set to °C or °F as required
  • Hold Funktion, manual saving of results, data log for 10.000 logs with measuring point report
  • Supplier´s data can be recorded
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Large, well-lit LC display
  • Scope of delivery: humimeter BLH sawdust moisture meter with humimeter USB data interface module with LogMemorizer measuring data recording and analysing software on USB flash drive incl. USB cable for PC and batteries
  • Optional: printer

Your benefits:

  • High measuring range up to 60% water content, corresponds to 150% wood moisture
  • Measurement within seconds without prior treatment of samples
  • Quality check and documentation on site
  • Menu languages: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian and many others on request

article no. 12310 humimeter BLH saw dust moisture meter

humimeter BLH sawdust moisture meter

Only the exact determination of water content of sawdust allows fair payment for producers, suppliers and end customers. The water content of sawdust is an important criterion for the further processing. This makes quality control in this field increasingly important. Using a humimeter BLH sawdust moisture meter you can prevent machine problems and avoid paying the high product price only for water.

Handling / measuring procedure

Switch on the humimeter BLH sawdust moisture meter and select the appropriate calibration curve. Fill the measuring chamber with the corresponding quantity of sawdust and insert it into the humimeter BLH sawdust moisture meter.  Compress the material in the measuring chamber by turning the handwheel and press the Power button. Now the display of the humimeter BLH saw dust moisturemeter shows the water content.The whole metering process of the humimeter BLH sawdust moisture meter is finished in less than one minute.


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humimeter BLH

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