BRC moisture transmitter

BRC moisture transmitter


for determination of water content of dry wood chips, suited for wood gasification plants


  • Measuring range: 2 to 30% water content
    (represents 2 to 43% wood moisture)
  • Surrounding temperature range: -10 to +60°C/14 to 140°F
  • Temperature range for determination of water content: 0 to +50°C/32 to 122°F
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Power supply 24VDC (15 to 29VDC)
  • Analogue output  4-20mA for water content
  • Scaling: 4-20mA = 0-30% water content
  • Scope of supply: BRC moisture transmitter incl.  display and connection cable (5 metres length)
  • Dimensions: 364x300x118mm, Weight: 3.7kg

 Article no. 13550 BRC moisture transmitter

Extended accessories:

art. no.Extended accessories:
12327Option for temperature measurement
Sample temperature measurement  5 to + 85°C,
temperature scaling (4-20mA) 0.2mA / °C

BRC woodchips moisture transmitter for very dry material

The BRC moisture transmitter enables the facile online determination of water content of dry wood chips. The BRC transmitter can easily be integrated in existing plants and is also suited for measuring coarse material (up to wood chip class P100).

This enables the optimal control of a dryer, boiler or wood gasification plant with respect to the water content. That way the efficiency of your plant can be increased, energy consumption for drying can be reduced, which in general means rising efficiency and the fabrication of a product of higher quality.

The connection to a control system can be realised via the 4-20mA analogue output. As the BRC moisture transmitter is readily calibrated, the installation can be realised with a modicum of effort.

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BRC moisture transmitter

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