Food moisture meters

Category Foods

Maize, rye, triticale, wheat, spelt, barley, oats, rape, pumpkin seeds, peas, soybeans, scarlet runner beans, horse beans, sunflower seeds, peeled, unpeeled and brown rice, poppy seeds, peeled and unpeeled raw coffee, roast and ground coffee, cocoa beans, linseed, sesame, sorghum, buckwheat, hops, bales of alfalfa, silo bales

Why you should prefer a whole grain moisture meter instead of other methods of moisture measurement?

The use of large sample volumes provides a safe and considerably more accurate average result than other methods of measurement requiring the grinding of small test samples. With this small test samples only one little unripe spelt grain is enough to falsify the measuring result significantly.
This will not happen if you use whole grain moisture meters like the humimeter devices due to the fact that this moisture meters use bigger sample sizes which guarantee precise measuring results with the easiest handling!

  • moisture analyzer for all kinds of grain and foods
  • humimeter FS4 a grain moisture meter and can be calibrated by the user for cereal end products. For use in farming, trade, seed growing, research, laboratories, and the food and animal feed industries.

  • seeds and luxury food moisture tester - humimeter FS3 - for a wide range of products
  • humimeter FS3

    Food and luxury food moisture meter. Whole grain meter with 300 gramme sample weight for producers, traders and companies in the food industry.

  • grain and seeds moisture meter - humimeter FS2 -high precision
  • humimeter FS2

    ... is a grain moisture meter for use in farming, trade and animal feed industries.

  • grain moisture tester - humimeter FS1 - quick water content determination
  • humimeter FS1 a  grain moisture meter for use in farming. It can be used to measure the moisture of crops before and after harvest.

  • grain moisture tester - humimeter FS1 - water content quick check
  • humimeter FS1.1

    ... is a  grain moisture meter for checking the storage stability for farming

  • food moisture meter - humimeter FSG -for nuts, noodles and much more
  • humimeter FSG a food moisture meter for a quick determination of the water content of special food products

  • online grain moisture sensor - humimeter BLO
  • humimeter BLO

    online analysing device
    for the determination of water content of grain or futher materials with adapted external sensors.

  • hay and straw moisture tester - humimeter FL1
  • humimeter FL1

    Hay, straw, hops and insulation moisture meter with fix mounted insertion probe of  0,6 metre

  • hay moisture tester - straw moisture meter - humimeter FL2
  • humimeter FL2

    Hay, straw and insulation moisture meter with customer calibration function

  • hops moisture meter for loose or compressed hops - humimeter FLH
  • humimeter FLH

    Hops- moisture meter with fix mounted insertion probe of 0,3 metre length and  rubber protection cover incl.




Device Resolution Calibrate accuracy Measuring range Customer calibrations Sample weight Scale Temperature Data storage PC Software + Onlinefunctionality
FS1.1 0,1% 0,9% 5 - 25% 60g X X
FS1 0,1% 0,7% 5 - 30% 60g X X
FS2 0,1% 0,4% 5 - 40% 300g X X X
FS3 0,1% 0,4% 0 - 40% 300g X X X optional
FS4 0,1% 0,4% 0 - 50% X 300g X X X X
FL1 0,5% 1,0% 8 - 40% X
FL2 0,1% 0,8% 8 - 60% X X X X

BLO Sensor

0,1% 1,0% 5 - 30% X X X