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Measure humidity in the laboratory

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Every material measurable

We are delighted to provide you with moisture measurement services for any desired material.

Our state-certified laboratory, which is certified according to ISO standards, is evaluated annually and guarantees the highest level of testing quality. With our many years of experience and our specialist knowledge, we carry out a standard-compliant measurement quickly and professionally. You will receive reliable measurement results within a short time.

Exact and reliable measurement results within 3 days!

Moisture determination with caraway analysis scales in the food laboratory - a laboratory employee measures the moisture content of food

Advice on reference procedures

If you do not have a reference method for the desired material, we are at your side with our expertise.

We determine whether drying to constant mass or a defined drying time is necessary and of course perform this in our test laboratory.

We offer test reports with detailed documentation for all analysis performed.

The best fast measurement method for every material

After we have received a material sample, we clarify the possibility of a quick measurement method. We examine which method should be used best:

  • Measurement of conductance
  • Determination of the dielectric properties
  • Determination of the equilibrium moisture content in a closed room
  • Thermogravimetric Analysis 

Our services

We are happy to carry out commissioned measurements: