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Press release, August 17, 2022

Schaller Messtechnik cooperates with FH Campus 02

Innovation is the focus of the company policy at Schaller Messtechnik in St. Ruprecht an der Raab. An exciting research project with the FH Campus 02 has now entered the final.

"There are so many new perspectives that we have gained through the project," says Schaller Messtechnik Managing Director Bernhard Maunz, who himself studied at the FH Campus 02 in Graz. Now he is the client for top-class project work. The innovative family business, which sells high-quality moisture measuring devices worldwide, has been working together with the Innovation Management course at the Campus 02 University of Applied Sciences since February. The project goal is: How do we meet the new trends in measurement technology?


New measurement parameters in agriculture

The commissioned group of students uses professional research methods to identify the most important megatrends. Measurement technology will become even more important in the future, especially in the agricultural sector. The fully automatic grain moisture meter from Schaller also measures temperature and weight, but other parameters such as protein content or mold toxins also play a role. Plant-based foods are increasingly being processed in the laboratory, which requires extensive measurement data. Another mega trend is “smart packaging”: Food packaging could be equipped with a moisture sensor, thus enabling seamless tracking of the supply chain.

digital applications
Expert interviews with coffee roasters and flour mills provide exciting information about customer requirements for the future. "As much data as possible - practical, served digitally," summarizes Schaller Messtechnik Managing Director Florian Postl together and is happy about the proposed solutions of the research group. The students have worked out possible future digital business models for Schaller Messtechnik. Now it is time to implement them.

Cooperation with added value
“We really appreciate the cooperation with Schaller Messtechnik. Our innovative ideas are well received and are being implemented,” says FH Campus 02 project manager FH-Prof. DI Dr. monthly Michael Terler, who accompanies the research team. All students work part-time and therefore bring a lot of experience and knowledge with them. The regular exchange with the client has also inspired the Schaller team and led to new development projects in the company. The two managing directors Bernhard Maunz and Florian Postl are more than satisfied: "For us, the results are an important basis for the further company strategy. We thank you for the fruitful cooperation - it was a lot of fun!"

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