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A long-term cooperation connects Schaller Messtechnik with the HBLA for forestry in Bruck an der Mur.

Pupils from all federal states of Austria come to the HBLA for forestry in Bruck an der Mur and are trained there for the exciting professional field of forestry. Interesting jobs in the economy are waiting for them - for example in wood processing or in the supply of bioenergy.

Prof. Andreas Pongruber has been teaching the subject "Wood Products and Bioenergy" in the wood technology center of the HBLA for many years and also supervises diploma theses. Moisture measuring devices from the company Schaller Messtechnik have been used for this for more than 15 years.

We asked Prof. Pongruber for a short interview and are happy about his great input!

Interview with

Professor Andreas Pongruber

HBLA for Forestry, Bruck an der Mur


Prof. Pongruber, we are very pleased about the cooperation with the HBLA for Forestry. What does this cooperation look like?

Professor Andreas Pongruber

In our wood technology laboratory, the students learn all the measurement techniques relevant to wood. For example, we determine the calorific value of rare tree species. For this we need the highly professional humimeter moisture meters. We sometimes have several pieces of a model, so that the ongoing operation works well. The devices are always perfectly maintained and calibrated by the company Schaller Messtechnik.



Which moisture measuring devices are used in school lessons?

Professor Andreas Pongruber

Very often we use humimeter BMA-2 and BLW. The latter is currently being used for four diploma theses. In a study, the students find out whether logs are better stacked with the bark on top or bottom. To do this, they measure a sample wood stack every 14 days with the humimeter BLW.

In the nearby Brucker district heating plant, we take test measurements with the humimeter BLL and BMA and subsequently also in our own Darr oven. We compare the samples and results. In this way, the class learns to understand the connection between sample quality and measured value. We also use the automatic system LabDry and gain valuable experience with it.

With the air humidity transmitter from Schaller Messtechnik, we can also measure the equilibrium moisture content of the wood, which is very interesting for the young people.

Of course, we also use the opportunity to calibrate our devices ourselves in class.


How are the students handling the humimeter Devices? 

Professor Andreas Pongruber

The devices are really very user-friendly! There is no difficulty in trying it out. The challenge is more the questions: What do I do with the information? How do I compare the values? It is very important to us that the students gain an understanding of wood moisture and water content. You will learn the difference between the two parameters and know when which value is relevant.



What is the relevance of wood moisture or water content for forestry or the timber industry?

Professor Andreas Pongruber

These two values ​​are indispensable. I would be happy to point out the difference! The water content is important when heating. A ton of wood is never a ton of wood – there is always water with it.

The wood moisture is relevant for construction timber and provides information about the wood quality for use in construction.

It is of central importance that our students recognize: There is wood in the right size and quality for the right buyer. So which wood is used where!


What distinguishes the cooperation with the company Schaller Messtechnik?

Professor Andreas Pongruber

We are very grateful for the quick and uncomplicated maintenance of our measuring devices - this is really important during operation!

On the other hand, we are happy to pass on our knowledge to the Schaller company. For example, if we evaluate samples with five different measuring devices, there are sometimes differences. We will of course forward this information to the responsible department. Due to our diverse use of moisture measuring devices, we notice any potential for improvement and deliver innovative ideas to the company Schaller Messtechnik. 

Thank you very much for the interview and continued success with ours humimeter moisture meters!

Thank you very much for the good cooperation!

Wood moisture and water content are essential values ​​in the forestry and timber industry!
Prof. Andreas Pongruber, HBLA for Forestry, Bruck/Mur
Facts and figures:

HBLA for Forestry

  • opened in October 1900 as a higher forestry school for the Austrian Alpine countries
  • Cooperation with Schaller Messtechnik GmbH since 2009
  • 2010: Expansion to include a “Wood Technology and Business Center”
  • Pupils from all nine Austrian provinces are taught
  • The wide range of educational opportunities is based on the requirements of a networked, dynamic economy and takes forestry and timber industry contexts into account.

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