humimeter Standard license: Live Trend - visualization software
  • Monitoring system for humidity and temperature
  • Record, analyze, manage
  • flexible use
  • continuous monitoring
  • no license fee (bound to PC)
Article no.: 14733
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Measurement data management software

HumiSenseWare is our bespoke live trend visualization software for the metrics Water content/humidity, temperature and dew point (depending on the sensors used). All measured values ​​are displayed in real time in the table. Water content/humidity and temperature are visualized in a freely scalable graph.

The data can be exported from the live trend to Excel or to the clipboard. Up to 3 sensors from Schaller Messtechnik can be implemented in the standard license (only in connection with item no. 13428).

HumiSenseWare is a database-based software for the simple acquisition and evaluation of the measurement data of the device series LF-TD, MF-P-HTD as well as humimeter BLO.

Our HumiSenseWare software can also be used for MF-P-HT-D sensors with the appropriate licensing. In this application, different types of paper or grammages can be set. Grammage corrections that are not available in the software are interpolated.
The menu and dialogue guidance is available in German and English.

A search function is integrated to make it easier to integrate sensors into the network.
There are two plugin modules for communication with external software or PLC: ModBusTCP or TCP-ASCII.

Other important functions:
• Diagram analysis directly in the program
• Excel export of data
• Live trend display of all integrated sensors


Popular areas of application:

  • storage room monitoring
  • humidity monitoring
  • production monitoring


  • Very easy to use software
  • Measurement data is automatically stored in a local database.
  • Perfect visualization of the data using a chart
  • Bilingual version of the software (German and English)
  • Simple network search for sensors
  • Export of the measurement data to MS Excel, where further processing can be carried out

Further information

Martin Doppler
Product development