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Quality control ensures accurate measurement results

Calibration and adjustments

Professional quality control

Professional calibration ensures accurate measurement results.

Ensure efficiency

We regularly check the calibration of the measuring devices in our calibration laboratory.

We compare with reliable, repeatable standards. If we detect a deviation, we adjust the device to ensure maximum precision and minimal deviation. The regular professional calibration of your measuring device ensures that you receive reliable, stable and exact measurement results with every measurement process.



Selina measures the moisture of corn with a humimeter FS2 Grain Moisture Meter

We recommend to calibrate your devices every 2 years, unless the quality standard specifies other intervals. Achieving maximum measurement accuracy leads to maximum efficiency, because even the smallest deviations can cost money. 

Checking and readjusting your device can be carried out quickly and easily by yourself/by your team. For this we offer test blocks, test equipment, test granules and test plates. The operating manual provides detailed and easy-to-understand instructions. In some cases, the test panels are already part of the scope of delivery. 

The calibration is performed in our in-house laboratory to ensure a stable environment.

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Checking, calibration, adjustment & commissioning: