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FSA Grain Moisture Meter

Calibration approval

Calibration approval for FSA

For our top measuring device in the food sector - the FSA Grain moisture meter – we offer legal for trade approval.

We prepare the device accordingly. This includes cleaning, installing approved updates, carrying out repairs and calibrating and adjusting the measuring device. Perfectly prepared, we bring the measuring device to the calibration office. The calibration is carried out by the RWA (Raiffeisen Ware Austria Aktiengesellschaft). We currently offer calibration approvals for Austria. Our partners represent us in calibration in Romania, Croatia, Serbia and Slovakia. Of course, we also take care of the regular recalibration of the devices at the legally prescribed intervals. We will contact you in good time about this.

We will take care of the recalibration in a timely manner
of your FSA measuring device!