humimeter BMA-2 ATRO

Lowest cost system for billing of wood chips based on ATRO tons

Advantages of the rapid measuring method:

  • Patent-registered within the European Union
  • Measuring result available after a few seconds
  • Very high average accuracy thanks to large sample volume
  • Manipulation-proof
  • Test reports of “Bioenergy 2020” and “Holzforschung Austria”
  • Further development with the support of our own accredited testing laboratory

Total time per measurement

Weighbridge and drying oven: minimum of 24 hours
humimeter BMA-2: few minutes

Expense per measurement

Calculation assumption:

Time expenditure for measurement with weighbridge and drying oven: approx. 15 minutes
Time expenditure for measurement with humimeter BMA-2: approx. 3 minutes

Personnel costs per hour 36 €

Depreciation of the weighbridge over 12 years

Accredited test laboratory

As a leading company in the field of moisture measurement, we have established a test laboratory conforming to the requirements of the globally valid standard “ÖVE/ÖNORM EN ISO/IEC 17025:2007”. The laboratory has been certified as an accredited test laboratory for the determination of water content according to norm “ÖNORM EN ISO 18134-2: Solid biofuels - Determination of moisture content - Oven dry method” in 2016. The requirements necessary for obtaining and preserving the accreditation ensure maximum testing quality. Among others, the requirements include highest technical competence, a sophisticated and constantly improved quality management system and a complete documentation.

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humimeter BMA-2
bioenergy wood chip moisture meter

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